Delivering Energy in the Low Carbon Era: Challenges and Opportunities

For the foreseeable future the world’s economic and social growth will depend heavily on the oil and gas industry’s ability to meet the associated growth in energy demand. From the industries investment in new technologies, continued development of its people and commitment to a more sustainable future, the challenges to meeting the energy growth are being tackled, but is this enough, what other challenges and opportunities are facing our future?

Join the debate at the Executive Plenary Session

Other Panel Sessions topics will cover diverse issues, such as:
> Technology and Innovation in the Energy Sector
> Sustainability & Development of Human Capital
> New Frontier Challenges (Tight Gas, Sour Gas, Heavy Oil, Unconventional)
> Carbon Management in the Energy Industry
> Delivering Mega-Projects in a Challenging/Changing Environment

Hear from all these companies in the Technical Session:
BP • The Dow Chemical Company •  Accenture • Baker Hughes • Total • MASDAR • Technip • Schlumberger • Saudi Aramco • Shell • Oxy • ConocoPhillips • Petroleum Development Oman • Weatherford • CGGVERITAS • Chevron • Dupont • Qatar Petroleum • Halliburton • ExxonMobil • Petronas • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation • ADNOC and Group Companies

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