Caspian Oil and Gas tackles stuck cement string

Caspian Oil & Gas Limited reports that the operation to recover the stuck cementing string on its West Mailisu #2 well is progressing according to plan.

As reported on 8 August, problems were encountered setting a cement plug to isolate Bed V from water- bearing sands and the string became stuck. However, to date a total of about 1630m of tubing has been removed from the hole and the remaining ~80m is expected to be removed early this week.

Following this removal, a cement plug will be set at the 7” casing shoe (approximately 1709m) before perforating and flow testing Bed III over a 10m interval with the best sand development (1785-1795m – loggers depth).

It has been decided not to test Bed V in this hole due to the severe hole instability, which caused the cementing string to get stuck, and likely formation damage.

The West Mailisu #2 well, which was spudded on 13 June, is on Caspian’s 100%-owned West Mailisu licence in the Kyrgyz Republic, Central Asia. The West Mailisu prospect lies adjacent to the Mailisu IV oil field, which has produced more than 42mmbbls of oil.


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