Caspian Oil and Gas West Mailisu Well Completion

Caspian Oil & Gas Limited reports that its West Mailisu #2 well has been suspended and the well will be completed with a downhole pump. The West Mailisu #2 well is on Caspian’s 100%-owned West Mailisu licence in the Kyrgyz Republic Central Asia.

It was previously reported that an air compressor would be used to obtain definitive flows rates however due to the large volume of fluid in the wellbore (around 35 bbls) the use of the air compressor proved unsuccessful. Going forward the company will run a PCP downhole pump and put the well into trial production. This is expected to happen within the next 2-3 weeks. Based on the results of the trial production a forward plan will be made which could include appraisal/development drilling, in-well-bore radial drilling or fraccing.

Initial estimates suggest that there is a potential mean recoverable resource of 1.0 million barrels, with an upside case of 2.2 million barrels of oil within Bed III of the West Mailisu structure. The West Mailisu prospect lies adjacent to the Mailisu IV oil field, which has produced more than 42mmbbls of oil.


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