Dow Introduces NEPTUNE™ Advanced Subsea Flow Assurance Insulation System

-Sets new performance standards for subsea flow assurance insulation in offshore oil production pipelines

-Proprietary new chemistry enables a complete wet insulation with the widest temperature range available today

-Simple, two-layer system designed for use in all pipeline applications simplifies the application process and reduces room for error

Dow Oil and Gas announced the launch of the NEPTUNE™ Advanced Subsea Flow Assurance Insulation System, a breakthrough technology specifically engineered to withstand the increasingly harsh conditions associated with subsea oil production. Dow Oil & Gas is proud to announce that the system is now commercially available for subsea architecture applications through Dow’s global qualified coater network, with line pipe and field joint applications to be available soon.

A simple, complete system designed for line pipe, field joint and subsea architecture applications from the wellhead to the delivery point, the NEPTUNE™ System outperforms existing subsea flow assurance wet insulation technologies, combining excellent thermal properties with the highest temperature performance end-to-end: from -40°C (-40°F) up to 160°C (320°F) during installation and use, at depths of up to 4,000 meters.

Designed in response to direct requests from offshore operators, the NEPTUNE System is the result of a Dow-led multi-million-dollar, multi-year research and development effort.  It is based on an entirely new chemistry developed by Dow for this application: a proprietary, hybrid polyether thermoset. It has undergone full-scale production trials by globally recognized and respected flow assurance insulation system coaters and additionally, the material has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets operators’ stringent design requirements for deepwater oil production.

Compatible with current industry production and installation methods, the NEPTUNE Flow Assurance Insulation system is an easy, all-in-one system with just two layers:

  • NEPTUNE™ FBE Anti-Corrosion Coating, a fusion-bonded epoxy based on patented Dow resin technology
  • NEPTUNE™ Flow Assurance Insulation Coating, a proprietary, hybrid polyether thermoset material.

Competitive technologies can require up to seven layers. The dual-layer composition of the NEPTUNE System provides a distinct advantage by eliminating the need for a separate adhesive tie layer, simplifying the entire application process and reducing the potential for error.

“Our customers asked for an advanced flow assurance insulation system to withstand the increasingly harsh conditions they encounter in deepwater oil production, and we delivered,” said Larry Ryan, general manager, Dow Oil & Gas, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company.  “NEPTUNE™ Technology builds on 25 years of success with Dow HYPERLAST™ technology, with more than 500 references worldwide, but now takes a giant step forward. The market knowledge, chemistry expertise and innovation capabilities of Dow – combined with the application expertise of the coaters with whom we have collaborated – have enabled us to deliver a flow assurance wet insulation solution with the widest temperature range available on the market today.”


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