Duraband NC Hardbanding for Harsh Drilling Conditions

Hardbanding Solutions, a business unit of Postle Industries, offers Duraband®NC for HPHT, Sour Gas, Highly Deviated and Geothermal Wells. Drilling these types of wells can be very hard on hardbanding and drill pipe tool joints. In addition, casing can show excessive wear. In these types of wells, typical hardbanding products that contain cracks frequently result in spalling and chipping caused by unwanted materials getting into and under the crack. This requires premature removal of the drill pipe for repair and re-application of the hardband, adding extra costs to any drilling operation.

Non-Cracking Duraband®NC is the ideal solution. It is the first product ever developed offering maximum protection that is applied 100% crack-free. Without cracks, high temperatures, steam, abrasives, and drilling fluids cannot penetrate into and underneath the hardband. Furthermore, it offers superior wear resistance and longer downhole life, thereby reducing drilling costs.

Furthermore, Duraband® NC can be applied over itself without any special preparation. The cost of re-application is substantially reduced since it does not have to be removed. With other hardbanding products, the cost of re-application can be 3 or 4 times higher since they have to be removed before re-application.


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