Era of Innovations by Molten

A Molten event “Era of Innovations” was held in Café Pushkin, Moscow, on April 18, 2012 for specially invited O&G professionals. Key experts, Molten clients and partners participated in the event, which was also attended by representatives of the leading Russian businesses and industry media, e.g. “Kommersant”, “Oil of Russia”, “ROGTEC” etc. All the participants witnessed unique  innovations in Russian and around the world as well as advanced technology trends in oil and gas by recognized experts.

N. Karnaukhov, General Director of LUKOIL Engineering, described the innovations implemented in Russian oil companies. He also stated that the comprehensive approach to R&D Centre management aims to create innovative development centres that will support the efficient realization of Company’s strategy.

Jeff Karfunkle, Director of Performance management department in THK-BP, made a presentation on “Innovations and Knowledge Management System in TNK-BP”. According to him best practices, knowledge databases, and regional and corporate technology forums are regarded as the key drivers of an innovating learning environment.

Y. Gromyko, PhD, Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies and Member of the Board of MILLENIUM Bank, discussed innovations and technology modernization. He indicated that only full-scale production forces innovative development.

The event was moderated by Irene Molodtsov and Rory Colfer, Managing Partners of Molten, and Katerina Brazhnikova, Partner, Head of Molten Russia & CIS. They shared their own experience in project development in Russian and global O&G companies.

All speakers agreed that a company could develop innovations only based on its leadership interest and active engagement in creation innovating environment as well as high motivation and competent knowledge management within its employees. Leading O&G companies are already implementing innovating strategies and developing the relevant corporate culture. Molten is often engaged in such projects delivery.

Efficient knowledge management system is one of the key success factors of high economic impact of innovations implementation. It supports sharing of successful pilot projects, search for appropriate projects where new technologies can be implemented, as well as communicating the lessons learnt from economically inefficient pilot projects. Implementation of this system encourages cooperation among employees and drives innovation.

N. Karnaukhov believes that “financial motivation in this area ranks only third after convenience and opportunities for creative development that staff have the ability to innovate”.

Based on his experience Y. Gromyko noted that “the state is developing education, driving innovation in industry and encouraging fundamental practice-oriented science.  These are the key elements of full-scale production driven development which, in turn, will enable modernization withint he industry.”

Molten Managing Partners shared their experience in innovating environmental development as well as unique practices applied in various Russian companies. Molten approach includes three basic workstreams: transformation and development of R&D activities, development and implementation of technology strategies and the creation and integration of knowledge management systems. “Relevance of these products and market demand have long ago been anticipated by Molten. Since 2005 we have been closely cooperating with our partners, clients and experts to thoroughly develop and support these workstreams” – announced Katerina Brazhnikova, Partner, and Head of Molten Russia & CIS.

In the end Katerina Brazhnikova pointed out the importance of every group of participants in developing innovating environment in Russia.


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