ExxonMobil Offers the Right Solutions to Help Oil & Gas Producers Enhance Equipment Performance and Boost Productivity

As the demand for reliable energy continues to grow around the world, it is clear that oil and gas will continue to be a major source for overall, global energy supplies. In fact, oil and gas powered electricity generation is expected to grow rapidly through 2030*. (*Source: Outlook for Energy – A View to 2030, ExxonMobil)

To meet the ever-increasing global demand for reliable energy supplies, oil and gas producers must proactively incorporate the right maintenance solutions to help enhance equipment availability, reliability and safety.

A proactive maintenance strategy is essential for both onshore and offshore applications since operations are often in remote locations and equipment is frequently subjected to extreme conditions.

It is also important to consider how, over the past decade, significant advances in technology and system design have yielded a generation of equipment that is more sophisticated, compact and efficient than ever before.

One of the most essential steps to developing a successful proactive maintenance programme is to utilise high-performance synthetic oils and greases that are expertly formulated to deliver exceptional, long-lasting equipment protection, even under the most demanding operating conditions.

Selecting the Right Lubricants and the Right Supplier is Key

For over 100 years, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties has set the benchmark for developing advanced lubricant technologies that are dependable, durable and provide exceptional protection.  The company’s global network of highly experienced engineers work closely with customers and leading equipment builders for unique insights into their latest innovations and lubrication requirements.

This provides ExxonMobil research scientists and lubricant formulators with the ability to build leading-edge lubricants from the ground up — making them highly effective in the equipment they lubricate, meeting or exceeding customers’ stringent demands.  This also helps ensure that the company’s lubricants meet and/or exceed global quality standards and are compliant with rigorous internal management systems for manufacturing, customer service, laboratories, health, safety and environment.

Take for example, the company’s flagship, Mobil SHC-brand of fully synthetic lubricants.

The Mobil SHC family of synthetic lubricants offer a valuable tool for oil and gas producers who want to maintain high levels of reliability and safety that support productivity.

When conditions are severe, Mobil SHC-branded synthetic lubricants provide distinct advantages, helping extend the service life of machine components and reducing oil changes, as well as potentially reducing or eliminating equipment failure and unscheduled shutdowns.  In many applications, Mobil SHC lubricants offer extended drain intervals over mineral oils, helping reduce used oil disposal and minimising inventory management costs.

The Mobil SHC family of high performance synthetic lubricants are approved for use in more than 10,000 applications. In addition, Mobil SHC lubricants have exclusive or preferential endorsements from leading original equipment manufacturers for more than 2200 applications, spanning a wide range of industries.

ExxonMobil’s comprehensive line of flagship, Mobil SHC-branded synthetic fluids for oil and gas applications, includes:

  • Mobil SHC 600 Series supreme-performance circulating and gear oils
  • Mobilith SHC Series synthetic greases for demanding and high-temperature applications
  • Mobil SHC Polyrex Series synthetic greases for extreme temperature applications
  • Mobil Rarus SHC 1020 Series synthetic oils for booster pumps and air compressors
  • Mobil SHC Pegasus energy-efficient gas engine oil
  • New – Mobil SHC Gear supreme-performance gear and bearing oils

Extending the Tradition of Developing Breakthrough Synthetic Fluids

Mobil SHC Gear oils, the latest addition to the Mobil SHC brand of high-performance synthetic lubricants, are expertly formulated to deliver a number of performance advantages over conventional gear oil chemistries.  For example, the range’s high oxidation resistance enables extended oil life of up to six times compared to standard mineral gear and bearing lubricants, especially when operating at elevated operating temperatures.  In addition, Mobil SHC Gear oils also demonstrate excellent water-handling properties, enhanced resistance to micropitting fatigue, improved seal compatibility and outstanding shear stability.

The new Mobil SHC lubricants offer valuable energy efficiency benefits across a wide range of industrial gearbox applications. In statistically validated laboratory tests and field trials, Mobil SHC Gear fluids exhibited energy savings of up to 3.6 percent* compared with conventional oils*.  Mobil SHC Gear lubricants are approved by Siemens for use in Flender gearboxes and meet or exceed nearly every other major industry and OEM specification for industrial gearbox applications.

Other breakthrough synthetic fluids include Mobil SHC Pegasus, ExxonMobil’s latest lubricant innovation for natural gas engines.  Mobil SHC Pegasus is expertly formulated to enhance performance by delivering exceptional all around component protection and is capable of offering a fuel efficiency increase of up to 1.5 percent**, while helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition, Mobil SHC Pegasus offers the potential to increase oil drain intervals by nearly four times longer than that of standard natural gas engine oils, reducing downtime and minimising waste oil.

A Complete Portfolio for Oil & Gas Producers

Along with its popular Mobil SHC family of synthetic lubricants, ExxonMobil also offers a complete portfolio of productsthat includes specially-tailored, high-performance conventional fluids, including:

  • Mobil EAL Environsyn biodegradable hydraulic fluids
  • Mobilgards – diesel engine oils for cylinders, pistons and bearings in marine and industrial diesel engines
  • Mobil Delvac high-performance diesel engine oils for severe on- and off-highway applications,
  • Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series high-performance hydraulic oils that are designed specifically to handle the lubrication requirements of both industrial and mobile high-pressure hydraulic systems

An award-winning series of hydraulic fluids***, Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series oils exceed major industry specifications and is known for its ultra keep-clean performance, long-life and durability, and potential energy efficiency benefits.  In extensive field and laboratory testing, Mobil DTE 10 Excel demonstrated up to 6 percent gain in energy efficiency as compared to conventional hydraulic oil.****

Premium Services that Enable Customers to Stay Ahead of the Competition

ExxonMobil offer a wide range of aftermarket services and dedicated, hands-on support to help oil and gas producers better manage their equipment maintenance needs.

Around the world, technical experts from ExxonMobil’s Field Engineering Services (FES) team work closely with manufacturing companies, offering expert advice on best-in-class lubrication and maintenance practices.

For example, ExxonMobil’s proprietary Signum oil analysis programme can help expand predictive maintenance programmes by closely tracking equipment reliability.  Easy and convenient to use, Signum is a state-of-the art online oil analysis programme specifically tailored to monitor critical indicators in used oil based on leading equipment builder specifications and international standards.

For many oil and gas producers, the key to success starts with implementing a proactive maintenance plan.  One that emphasises the benefits of choosing the right lubricant and the right lubricant supplier.

With its technology leadership and nearly 100 years of application expertise, ExxonMobil is uniquely capable of helping companies drill productivity into their oil and gas operations.

For more information about how ExxonMobil can help your business, visit www.mobilindustrial.com or contact your local ExxonMobil representative.

* Energy efficiency relates solely to the fluid performance when compared with conventional reference oils of the same viscosity grade in gear applications. The technology used allows up to 3.6% efficiency compared with the reference when tested in a worm gearbox under controlled conditions. Efficiency improvements will vary based on operating conditions and application.

** The fuel efficiency of Mobil SHC Pegasus relates solely to the fluid performance when compared with ExxonMobil’s standard SAE 40 natural gas engine oils. The technology used allows up to a 1.5% increase in fuel efficiency compared with Mobil Pegasus 1005 and 805 Series when tested in standard natural gas engine applications under controlled conditions. Efficiency improvements will vary based on operating conditions. The energy efficiency claim for this product is based on test results on the use of the fluid conducted in accordance with all applicable industry standards and protocols.

*** In 2010, the Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series was named a “Product of the Year Finalist” and earned a “Bronze Award” in the annual Plant Engineering Magazine “Product of the Year” competition.

**** Results will vary depending on system operating temperatures and pressures.

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