GN Solids Control Wins 1m USD Solids Control and Waste Management Order

One Million USD order Mud Solids Control and Waste Management Equipment to Russia is ready for shipment in GN factory.Russia is one of the very important market for GN Solids Control products,As our products is for drilling mud solids control and Drilling Waste Management.

GN Vertical Cutting Dryer

As everybody know,Russia is rich for oil,and with very huge production for Oil,The Russia companies who purchased those 1 Million Us dallors equipments,one is a drilling mud services company,the other is a drilling company.It is their repeat order for the decanter centrifuges,Shale Shakers,and pumps.

As the growing market for Drilling Waste Management,Now GN has developed the Vertical Cutting Dryer.In China,GN is the Only API Certified company who can provide Cutting Dryer.

Features & Benefits for Vertical Cutting Dryer

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and accelerates them up 900RPM. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, while “dry” solids are extracted by the angled flights attached to the cone, which rotate slightly slower than the bowl. Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life. This aids in maintaining a constant gap between the scroll and screen bowl, which is crucial for proper operation. GN cutting dryer has been done strict balance testing for all major rotary components to minimize vibration & noisy.

These orders including 6 Decanter Centrifuges,12 Shale Shakers,and desander desilters


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