Halliburton Introduces Total Water Management Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Halliburton announced today that it is offering a complete approach to meeting the oil and gas industry’s water needs for wellsite operations such as drilling, cementing, and fracturing. Until now, the industry model has been that the well operator bore the responsibility of acquiring sufficient water and then disposing of the water that flows back after fracturing plus the water that may be produced during the life of the well. These wastewater streams are typically combined for treatment and disposal. The operator’s task included contracting with water suppliers, water haulers, tank suppliers and disposal companies. With its new approach, Halliburton will serve as a primary supplier, handling all aspects of the water management process, including acquiring and providing necessary water volumes, as well as providing proper management of the combined wastewater. Both fresh water and recycled water will be available.

To support the service, Halliburton is investing in recycling, storage and disposal technologies and permanent wastewater treatment facilities. The facilities will accept water from operators in the area and condition it for reuse or dispose of it as needed. As part of the process, Halliburton’s CleanWave® service will be used to condition fracturing flowback water and produced water, making the combined stream usable for wellsite operations. The CleanWave service units will be used both at the wellsite and in the permanent facilities.

The Water Solutions service is designed primarily to help assure that operators have the volume of water needed for fracturing operations and to decrease dependency on fresh water. These are critical steps in light of the need for fracturing technology to help make shale reservoirs economically viable.

David Adams, Halliburton’s Production Enhancement vice president, explained that “This new business venture for Halliburton is a result of our constantly striving to meet operators’ needs for improved operational efficiency and better performance of their assets.”

Currently, Water Solutions projects are under way in the Permian Basin, the Rockies, South Texas and North Dakota. A water management facility is scheduled to begin operations in South Texas to serve operators in the Eagle Ford shale and the surrounding area during the 4th quarter of 2011. Other facilities will begin operations in North America during 2012.

“This service can help assure operators that they can complete their shale wells on schedule and with an improved environmental profile, recycling and reusing as much water as possible, while reducing their dependency upon fresh water. It’s a responsible strategy for operator and service provider alike,” added Clay Terry, Water Solutions manager.


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