Halliburton’s Gravel Pack Technology Expected To Increase Economic Profitability In Peregrino Field

A multilateral well with dual wellbores can provide more than double the reservoir exposure of a conventional well and therefore be viewed as a replacement for not one but two conventional wells.
Halliburton is adapting its Liner Conveyed Gravel Pack system to multilateral gravel packing operations in conjunction with a Halliburton Level 5 FlexRite® gravel pack multilateral completion system to address issues in the Peregrino Field located offshore Brazil in the Campos Basin.

In unconsolidated sandstone formations like those found in the Peregrino field, standalone screen completions would not ensure sufficient sand control reliability and would have likely reduced well life. Moreover, the Peregrino wells will utilize ESP artificial lift, thus requiring optimum sand control for the completion design. Therefore a horizontal gravel pack completion across the reservoir wellbore interface was determined as the most reliable design to ensure that planned production rates and reserves are achieved.
Multilateral systems increase reservoir drainage and maximize net present value over the life of the well when compared to two single conventional wellbore installations. Indirectly, additional cost savings are achieved by fewer surface locations, less vertical casing penetration, fewer wellheads and flowlines and pipelines, less drilling and completion time and associated resources such as personnel, products and services. Halliburton is the market leader in TAML Level 4 and 5 installations and holds world records for installing the industry’s deepest junctions.

The challenge of gravel packing both the mainbore and the lateral branch on a multilateral well requires a new solution developed by Halliburton that helps mitigate risks and enhances the overall completion process. This process includes:

 Detailed job planning and critical well CWOP (Complete Well on Paper) processes help reduce risks and improve job execution
 Isolation of the main branch when milling the window and drilling the lateral prevents debris, ensuring high quality gravel pack operations
 A stable junction at the main bore and lateral branch provides pressure integrity during sand placement and reverse-out operations during the gravel pack
 Testing of drilling and completion fluids compatibility helps reduce emulsions and improve gravel pack operations
 System integration tests verify completion processes and efficient tool operations A successful well design and execution plan will increase the well economics and the ultimate reservoir recovery of the Peregrino field exploitation.


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