Heavy Equipment Was Mounted at the Construction Site of the Hydrocracking Installation

Mounting of the circulating gas compressor separator was performed at the construction site of the combined hydrocracking installation of the TANECO Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex. This is already the third unit of heavy weight equipment mounted during one a half weeks at this facility. The cold high pressure separator and the circulating gas absorber had been installed earlier.

The mounting of two separators weighing 240 and 98 tons, respectively, and the 385 tons absorber, manufactured by Mangiarotti S.P.A. (Italy), was preceded by a huge amount of preparatory work. The planned area for setting the cranes had been two meters below the metal structures, where according to the project it was necessary to install the production equipment. Mammoet Company had elaborated a plan to expand the site with increased load-bearing characteristics, which had to bear the weight of cranes and the equipment to be mounted with the total weight of more than 2,500 tons. This work had been performed by OAO TATNEFT and OOO “Neftegasengineering” with good quality and on time.

Two Mammoet cranes of 1,350 tons and 500 tons capacity as well as specialized auxiliary machinery were used for assembling the heavy equipment. The equipment lifting was carried out by experts of Mammoet and Unix companies, which both had approved themselves in carrying out lifting operations and mechanical mounting works.

The complexity of the operation was that the vessels had to be mounted inside the existing metal structures of the amine treatment block for hydrogen containing gas and the technological rack of the gas compressing battery. After thorough verification of the structures installation correctness they were fixed in the design positions.

Lifting of the heavy equipment under the project of works performance developed by experts of mounting organizations and the Department of implementing the construction project of the combined hydrocracking installation of OAO TATNEFT were performed in a regular mode.


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