Integra Group deploys enterprise risk management solution Impact ERM Suite

Integra Group has launched the deployment of Impact ERM® Suite software which is designed to prevent and timely resolve incidents in the area of quality, health, safety & environment (QHSE) management. This is the first time in history when the Russian version of this software will be used. The software has been translated jointly with specialists from Integra Group. Impact ERM Suite covers 1000 user stations across all major Integra Group subsidiaries in Russia, Kazakhstan and internationally. The specialists and managers of different levels, from line personnel to top managers, have access to this software.

By means of Impact ERM Suite, Integra Group is planning to dramatically improve the corporate QHSE Management performance. The deployed software will enable the Company to track promptly any QHSE event, streamline incident investigation and reporting chain, ensure the development and control over reactive measures. In addition, Impact ERM Suite makes it possible to analyze operational incidents and thus facilitates incident prevention.

“Application of the latest information technologies is only a part of the huge effort on operational incidents prevention made by us consistently and systematically. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to build up QHSE Management System which meets the best international standards”, – said Antonio Campo, Chief Executive Officer, Integra Group.

Source www.integra.ru

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