Integra Group is conducting geophysical surveys in the transition zone waters of Lake Zaisan

Integra Group has launched geophysical surveys in the transition zone waters of Lake Zaisan in Eastern Kazakhstan. The purpose of the seismic surveys is to search for oil and gas deposits for Kazakh company TOO Tarbagatai Munai. Integra will utilize 200 people of its staff for the project and will use 2D and 3D seismic acquisition methods, as well as a combination of vibroseis, explosive and air-gun sources, very light boats and airboats and other equipment.

The seismic surveys are being conducted as part of the project to explore the onshore, transition zone and open water areas of Lake Zaisan. Extensive planning of the surveys has taken in to account the ecological challenges of conducting surveys in these diverse environments. The surveys launched in July are expected to be completed in September, 2011, requiring a total of 16 500 seismic shot points.

For Integra Group this is the second integrated project covering both onshore and transition zones utilizing solely own capacity. For the first time Integra will use its own modern equipment ensuring continuous recording of data without gaps in inaccessible areas; mobile modular pontoons equipped with adjustable rudder and propellers; airboats, including airboats equipped with light-weight drilling units; air-gun sources and other specialized equipment.

“The peculiarity of this project lies precisely in its integrity. As a rule, seismic companies focus on one type of operations – either onshore or offshore or transition zone seismic, and therefore the customer has to hire several seismic contractors. Integra for the first time acts as a sole contractor at Lake Zaisan where these geophysical surveys in different surface conditions are being conducted by one multidiscipline field crew. The technical abilities to carry out seismic surveys in such complex environmental conditions was acquired after the establishment in 2010 of IG Seismic Services – a joint venture of Integra and Schlumberger” – commented Antonio Campo, Chief Executive Officer of Integra Group.

Source www.integra.ru

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