ITF launches two global calls for proposals for wells and subsurface solutions

ITF is calling on technology developers to come forward with innovative solutions for enhanced sub-basalt imaging and novel borehole seismic sources, with the potential for successful proposals to receive up to 100% funding.

The organisation, which has a membership of 29 international operators and service companies, has issued two global calls for proposals following the identification of continued challenges faced by the oil and gas industry whilst exploring for hydrocarbons.

Neil Poxon, Managing Director of ITF said: “Finding new and innovative ways of imaging subsurface formations and accurately charting wells is a key research and development priority for oil and gas operators and service companies around the world. Improving the technology in these areas is crucial for the industry as it faces increasingly testing frontiers of exploration.

“By submitting their proposals to ITF, technology developers have the opportunity for their ideas to be reviewed by major oil and gas players and could also secure up to 100% funding to realise their novel technologies, whilst retaining full intellectual property rights.”

The sub-basalt imaging call is an invitation for organisations to submit high quality proposals for research, development and field trials of potential solutions.

Specific areas of interest identified by ITF members requires the development of a three dimensional elastic finite difference model which can be used by industry to benchmark new acquisition and processing techniques. The challenge has to be tackled using combined geology and geophysics and the initial model must take into account intrusive and extrusive sill geometries.

Similarly, the borehole seismic sources call has been issued to attract proposals for novel technologies which can address a wide range of applications such as: seismic while drilling for exploration and development, as well as downhole sources for cross-well seismic tomography, enhanced reservoir imaging and permanent reservoir monitoring. A testing program will be prepared at the Michigan Technological University test facility for the successful technologies under the direction of Prof. Roger Turpening.

The deadlines for proposals are 18 June 2012 for the sub-basalt imaging call and 30 June 2012 for the borehole seismic sources call. Technology companies and academic organisations can find out more by calling ITF’s head office in Aberdeen on (01224) 222410 or visiting www.itfenergy.com

A not-for-profit organisation, ITF has 29 global oil and gas operator and service company members. ITF is the most global funded programme and operates across continents. The organisation has facilitated the launch of more than 180 joint industry projects (JIPs) from early stage projects through to field trials and commercialisation and aims to secure a further £50 million for technologies by 2015.


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