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ROGTEC interview with Cliff Berry the Global Business Development Manager at Centek Group

Please introduce yourself with a short bio and your history in Russia

Cliff Berry entered the oilfield business in 1977 with Halliburton in Brunei and worked predominantly in Brunei, Malaysia and Sarawak as a cementer and tool operator. He transferred to Aberdeen in 1984 working in the same disciplines. Cliff joined Diamond B (UK) Limited, a Centraliser manufacturer in 1985 as Sales manager, moving to BJ Tubular Services as European Operations Manager in 1987. He left BJ in 1995 and joined Centek in 2001 as Sales and Marketing Manager with responsibility for worldwide sales.  He is currently Global Business Development Manager at Centek Group.

How long have you been doing business in the region?

Centek have been doing business in Russia via Halliburton for two years currently. The Centek centralizer is used mainly for casing / liner operations to ensure a problem free run to total depth and enhance the well cleanout along with the cementation job.

Do you have any specific target markets in the region? (ie Russia, Kazakstan, key regions or market sectors offshore, EOR etc?)

Our key targets are Russia, Sakhalin Island, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Our market sector is cementation enhancement and completion enhancement in OH Frac completions or cemented completions.

What are your key products for the region and their benefits?

Centralisers, stop collars and DP fill subs are Centek’s core products. Our centralisers are designed such that they do not fail nor are any left down-hole as junk when casings or liners are pulled due to hole conditions. Stop collars are designed to have the highest holding force which means that when pipe is pulled 100% returns are observed. The Fill sub allows the DP to be filled quicker than with conventional or even top drive methods. It saves rig time and no cleanup is required. It is also, due to no cleanup, an environmental asset.

What potential is there for your products in the market?

Potential is enormous and the company is growing toward obtaining key market share in many countries. The customer for any of our products is the end beneficiary in cost savings and time

How do you compare and compete with existing Russian Technology?

Centek brings enhanced technology with the design and performance of its product range. Success is measured by failures and Centek can proudly boast that we do not have any.

How do you see the market developing over the next 5 years in your industry sector?

The Industry will develop mainly in shale gas sectors until the gas price becomes too low and then liquids will be drilled for again. For Centek this scenario is satisfactory as oil wells are now also horizontal and whatever well-type is involved good cementation at all times should be the norm.

Do you have any new products being launched?

Centek have the UROS unit, for under-reamed well sections, which was successfully launched in 2011, and in 2012 the intention is to bring out new tight casing tolerance centralisers on a global basis, especially where OH sections are larger than the previous set casing.

Do you have any recent regional success stories?

All success enjoyed by the Centek product range in Russia and other Russian speaking regions is in association with Halliburton who are the Centek product representatives. Our customers include ENI-Severenergia, Lukoil-Komi, Rosneft-Vankorneft,TAAS, TNK-BP, UVAT, TNK-BP Samotlor, NEU and Integra-Burenie.

Any further comments?

Russia is a valuable market sector for Centek. The product range on offer is suitable for all wells and types of wells, and with a track record the envy of the centralizer industry we feel the products will enable increased market penetration.

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