Spectraseis and Calmena Launch Integrated Microseismic Fracture Monitoring Services in Canada

Calmena Energy Services Inc. (“Calmena”) (TSX:CEZ) and Spectraseis announce agreement to jointly provide microseismic acquisition, imaging and advisory services in Canada.

The agreement combines Calmena’s strengths as an experienced downhole microseismic wireline and well services provider with Spectraseis’ industry-leading data acquisition and microseismic imaging and interpretation capabilities to deliver seamless fracture imaging and analysis solutions for all types of fracture monitoring using surface, near-surface and deep borehole arrays.

Customers will benefit from the close technical and operating integration of downhole and surface arrays, which is essential to good microseismic monitoring design and efficient operations, as well the accurate, calibrated timing of the datasets for joint interpretation.

The services to be provided jointly by the parties include:

  • Microseismic monitoring with borehole, near-surface, and surface arrays
  • Microseismic data processing, imaging and analysis
  • Well stimulation interpretation and petrophysical integration
  • Microseismic survey design and forward modeling
  • Seismic velocity modeling
  • Real-time fracture monitoring

Microseismic monitoring of well fracture stimulations provides operators the information to optimize the main cost drivers of unconventional reservoir development, particularly well spacing and orientation, and frac design. Real-time monitoring of fracture stimulations provides data for operators to optimize their stimulation program in response to frac behavior.

Spectraseis and Calmena are already working together on several integrated surface and borehole frac monitoring programs for operators in Canada, including a 60-stage frac monitoring program in Northeast British Columbia.

Spectraseis VP Sales and Business Development, Todd Chuckry, said:

“Our goal is to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive microseismic service to the Canadian market. This combination of our service offerings will allow our customers to address any type of fracture monitoring and imaging challenge with a reliable and efficient single-point solution.” 

Calmena VP Wireline Technologies, Vince Kozak, said:

“We believe the combination of our service offerings creates a unique platform for the integration of surface and borehole data acquisition capabilities in the industry, which when also blended with the industry leading data processing capabilities at Spectraseis, will provide our customer with new insight to the  stimulation activities and subsurface dynamics both during, and subsequent to, the fracing process.


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