Taneco. Ecology Is under Control

The Industrial Environmental Monitoring Laboratory of TANECO Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex (Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan) carried out 37,500 analyses and studies of air, waste and natural water in 2011.

Environmental solutions used by TATNEFT Company for implementing the TANECO crude oil refining and petrochemical Complex project meet all modern requirements. Obtaining rapid and reliable results is contributed by modern laboratory equipment and application of a mobile environment control station.

A Program to ensure environmental safety for 2011-2015 has been implemented at OAO TANECO. Its main objectives are to ensure the environmental safety of the ongoing production and business activities and improve the management system.

The Board of Directors of OAO TANECO approved the Company’s environmental policy in May 2011 defining the key areas of work and commitments of the NPiNHZ Complex to ensure the environment protection and establishing the level of environmental responsibility.

The system of water recycling, the technology applied, and the chemical treatment program of the cooling water ensure that consumption of fresh water accounts for 3 percent only of total water consumption, while the share of water recycling amounts to 97 percent

Biological wastewater treatment facilities of the Complex using combined modern bio-membrane technologies of wastewater treatment of the known international and Russian companies have no analogues in Russia. Their complex testing began at the end of 2011. The first results confirm the claimed features: the content of residual contaminants in the effluents is below the limits of permissible concentration for fishery water bodies.

In the short term it is expected to complete construction and commissioning of its own landfill and industrial waste disposal facilities, as well as facilities for neutralization and utilization of sludge, which are part of the TANECO treatment facilities. Currently, selective waste collection has been organized and more than four hundred containers have been purchased for temporary storage of various wastes kinds.

Project solutions on protection of atmospheric air also allow achieving a maximum reduction of emissions through application of modern technologies and equipment with low emission levels.


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