Tatneft: BMZ Has Developed a Technology of Tubing Recovery by the Lining Method

The Bugulma Mechanical Plant (BMZ) of OAO TATNEFT has developed a technology using the lining method of restoring previously used tubing.

The principle of the developed method lies in the fact that previously used tubing with 2 mm or more wear of the wall thickness and unfit for further operation are cleaned from asphaltene/resin/paraffin deposits (ARP). A thin-walled sour service pipe (liner) with adhesive-sealant applied on its outer surface is introduced into the tubing interior. Following this operation the liner is deformed (expanded) to contact with the inner surface of the tubing, after which the pipe is heated to ensure curing the adhesive-sealant. Finishing operations (threading, couplings connection, etc.) are performed following traditional technologies.

The pilot batch of lined previously used tubing made at BMZ in the layout with new and used earlier ones (refurbished by the plant technology with application of insulation PEP-585), successfully passed field tests in injection wells and in a high pressure formation water supply pipeline of NGDU “Aznakaevskneft “.

In the second half of 2011 the works were carried out on comparing operational performance of new and restored tubing after their joint operation. The results confirmed the high quality of the restored pipes.

Organization of tubing mass repair with application of the lining method will eliminate the necessity to purchase new tubing, reduce the cost of restoring tubing service life and improve reliability of oil wells operation.


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