Tatneft: Effective Technological Plans for Reservoir Pressure Maintenance

High-performance technological processes of reservoir pressure maintenance (RPM) are introduced at OAO TATNEFT to ensure enhanced crude oil recovery and maintain the production levels achieved and one of such technologies is inter-well pumping (IWP).

One of the main advantages of the technology is fast putting into active development the areas, where the water flooding system is not available, increasing crude oil recovery through the use of “native” formation water.

Tube phase splitters are successfully used at NGDU “Jalilneft”, implementation and operation of which allows increasing the efficiency and expanding the applicability range of the inter-well pumping technology. Application of tube phase splitters reduces transportation volumes of produced associated water to the preliminary water dumping (removal) units without loss of oil production by expanding the limits of the profitable crude oil production range of the oil producing well stock and providing for a possibility of using the associated produced water as the injected agent.

The incremental crude oil production from responding wells happens as a result of crude oil recovery increasing and intensifying reserves displacement by injecting highly mineralized formation water into poorly permeable and shale reservoirs. All this allows reducing purchase volumes of fresh water for reservoir pressure maintenance, reducing the volumes of liquid pumping to the preliminary water removal units of fluid and reducing the volume of water pipelines construction.


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