Tatneft Receives New Canadian Patent

Tatneft continues its work on legal protection of the Company’s developments abroad. The Company received patent № 2505412 in early July for the invention “Well Underreamer”.

The present invention relates to devices for local well casing profile liners. The application of the device in the wells of OAO TATNEFT allows to effectively isolate the well layers in the presence of clay based mud and rocks sloughing. The results of the underreamer application have confirmed its high efficiency and reliability.

Patents of U.S., China and a European patent valid in Germany and the UK had been received for this development earlier.

The patents received grant exclusive rights to OAO TATNEFT on application of the invention and permit or prohibit the invention application by any other persons during the term of a patent.

The authors of the present invention are the specialists of TATNEFT: Sh.F. Takhautdinov, N.G. Ibragimov, Kh.Z. Kaveev, G.S. Abdrakhmanov, N.Kh. Hamityanov, I.K. Kashapov and R.G. Abdrakhmanov.


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