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Tatneft: Results for the First 9 Months of 2014

Crude Oil Production

In September the amount of 2,161,272 tons of crude oil or 100.6 percent versus September 2013 was produced at JSC TATNEFT, while the production since the beginning of the year amounted to 19, 602,785 tons, which was 84,456 tons more than in 2013 (100.4%).

The amount of 19,223,840 tons of crude oil was delivered with the above-the-plan delivery amounting to 5,080 tons.

New Drilling

The new drilling penetration for 9 months of 2014 amounted to 370.1 thousand meters (430.9 thousand meters in 2013). Out of that amount drilling performed for JSC TATNEFT amounted to 298.3 thousand meters (340.1 thousand meters in 2013), including drilling to bitumen deposits in the amount of 14.3 thousand meters, production drilling accounting for 272.0 thousand meters and exploratory drilling accounting for 12.0 thousand meters.

11.3 thousand meters (24.8 thousand meters) were penetrated for OOO “Tatneft-Samara”, including production drilling in the amount of 5.4 thousand meters and exploratory drilling amounting to 5.9 thousand meters.

233 wells (286 wells in 2013) were constructed and delivered to customers. Out of this amount 185 wells were delivered to JSC TATNEFT (211 wells in 2013), including 18 wells drilled to bitumen deposits, production drilling accounting for 160 wells and exploratory drilling – 7 wells.

4 wells (20 wells in 2013) were penetrated for OOO “Tatneft-Samara”, including 3 wells – production drilling and 1 well – exploratory drilling.

Active Well Stock Drilling

During nine months of 2014 the penetration of sidetracking and horizontal wellbores amounted to 43.8 thousand meters (41.8 thousand meters in 2013) with 14.9 thousand meters (20.2 thousand meters in 2013) drilled for JSC TATNEFT.

79 wells (90 wells in 2013) were delivered to customers with 44 wells for JSC TATNEFT (60 wells in 2013).

The average number of drilling crews performing conventional well drilling operations since the beginning of 2014 amounted to 35, while 12 drilling crews were engaged in drilling lateral and lateral horizontal wellbores. One drilling crew performed drilling to the bituminous deposits of Ashalchinskoye oil field for NGDU “Nurlatneft”.

The penetration per crew engaged in new drilling amounted to 10,080 meters for 9 months of 2014. 54.6 thousand meters were penetrated outside the Republic of Tatarstan, including 28.9 thousand meters for penetration of sidetracks and horizontal holes.

Repair of Wells

During nine months of 2014 the crews of well remedial servicing, workover and oil recovery enhancement performed routine overhaul in 6,082 wells (725 wells in September) and workover operations in 2,029 wells (313 wells in September), including production string sealing performed in 286 wells, shutting-off individual layers and recompletion in other intervals in 103 wells, transfer of wells into different categories and wells completion for injection in 152 wells, liquidation of downhole complications and cleaning of production casing and bottomhole in 175 wells and installation of isolating packers and dual completion systems in 92 wells.

96 wells were repaired outside the Republic of Tatarstan with 88 wells for OOO “Tatneft-Samara” and 8 wells for OOO “Tatneft-Severny”.

Formation hydrofracking operations were performed in 503 wells (54 wells in September).

Six small diameter horizontal wells were drilled and completed for NGDU “Almetyevneft”.

Oil recovery enhancement works were performed in 2,015 wells (244 wells in September), including chemical methods applied in 1,005 wells (124 wells in September).

Bottomhole area treatment operations with application of JSC TATNEFT’s technologies were performed in 2,638 wells.

Production Performance of the JSC TANECO

The TANECO Complex of Refining and Petrochemical Plants processed 776.6 thousand tons of raw materials, including 725.4 thousand tons of crude oil, and yielded 770.2 thousand tons of oil products in September 201

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