The Hull Assembly of Icebreaking Multipurpose Emergency and Rescue Vessel for Gulf of Finland started in Kaliningrad

The hull assembly of multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel for Russian Ministry of Transport was started at Yantar Shipyard in Kaliningrad, Russia 6 July 2012 with keel laying. The hull of the vessel will be shipped to Arctech Helsinki Shipyard for outfitting and finalizing in spring 2013.
The multipurpose emergency and rescue icebreaker, which is being built in cooperation with shipyard Yantar,represents a completely new type of oil spill combat technology. The advanced oil recovery system is suitable
for operation also in heavy waves. The vessel will be used in the Gulf of Finland in icebreaking operations, sea towing of vessels and floating facilities and oil combatting.
“There is a demand for innovative icebreaking vessels in the Russian market. The rescue vessel represents a totally new technology, which enables its versatile use in the Gulf of Finland”, comments the Managing Director
of Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, Esko Mustamäki.
One of the special features of the vessel is that it can move sideways. The vessel features a patented oblique design with asymmetric hull and three azimuthing propulsors, which allow the vessel to operate efficiently
ahead, astern and obliquely (sideways). The vessel can proceed on a continuous mode in 1.0 m thick level ice both ahead and astern, and in oblique mode she will be able to generate 50 m wide channel in 0.6 m thick ice.
The design of the vessel is based on ARC 100 concept, which has been developed by Aker Arctic Technology for Arctech Helsinki Shipyard.
The vessel measures 76,4 m in length and 20,5 m in breadth. The three main diesel generator sets have the total power of 9 MW. The total propulsion power is about 7 MW. The vessel will be delivered in December 2013


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