Tideway Offshore Contractors

Tideway Offshore Contractors is a Dutch offshore specialist for the oil and gas industry, employing over 300 staff to support six offshore construction vessels.

Tideway’s DP II fall pipe vessels Rollingstone, Seahorseand Flintstone have a sophisticated fall pipe system, which places rocks up to 2,000 m at precisely the right location. Tideway also uses trailing suction hopper and backhoe dredgers to construct pipeline trenches where pipelines reach the coast, and constructs landfalls of oil and gas pipelines.

To help clients explore and exploit energy sources, Tideway is always searching for innovative solutions according to the motto: ‘Energizing the Future’.

Tideway works on groundbreaking projects all over the world: from the North Sea to Mexico; from Brazil to Australia; and from India to the Middle East and Russia.  Technology is used much more frequently due to the increasing international demand for energy. This requires special knowledge and Tideway profits from its parent company’s expertise, the renowned Belgian Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering company ‘DEME’.

Tideway does not only provide services around the many oil and gas pipelines built offshore worldwide, but is also involved in high-voltage cables at sea. Tideway projects are executed more and more at extreme places; further offshore, closer to the North or South Pole or in very deep water.

Tideway bv

Minervum 7442

P.O. Box7074

4800 GB Breda


Tel. +31 76 5204140

Fax +31 76 5204150

[email protected]


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