TNK-BP Conflict Commissions Trusted by Over 70% of Suppliers and Contractors

TNK-BP’s conflict commissions, which were set up in late 2010 to settle disputes with the Company’s contractors, are trusted by over 70% of suppliers and contractors, according to the findings of an independent study by the Institute of Strategic Communications (based in Yekaterinburg).

A survey of 1,200 contractor companies across 7 TNK-BP regions has shown that the vast majority of contractors would apply to the conflict commissions without hesitation in the event of a dispute arising during a tender.

Over the past two years, the conflict commissions have reviewed 125 appeals and in almost half of all cases ruled in favour of the claimants. TNK-BP’s partners highlight the transparent way in which tenders are run, with full provision of information and high standards of discipline and compliance with technical regulations.

Contractors give TBK-BP’s contracting policy an average score of 7.6 on a 10-point scale and virtually half of all participants in the survey are willing to play an active role in developing the channels of interaction between the Company and its contractors.

“TNK-BP welcomes dialogue and is continuously improving the way it interacts with suppliers and contractors. We’re interested in receiving feedback on the work of the conflict commissions so that we can enhance the efficiency of this key institution in the Company’s contracting system,” said Dmitry Semin, TNK-BP Vice President and Director of the Company’s Regional Policy Department, commenting on the study findings.


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