TNK BP Invest 2bn Rb into Varyoganneftegaz – 40 Well Pads to be Constructed

OJSC Varyoganneftegaz (a TNK-BP group company) will invest over 2 billion rubles in 2012 into field infrastructure projects in West Siberia. The company will build around 109 new and overhaul another 100 existing facilities.

The task for the builders this year is to construct 40 well pads to accommodate the new drilling program. Varyoganneftegaz (VNG) also plans to run a six-kilometer pressurized oil line from Yermakovskiy central gathering facility to Nizhnevartovsk central heat distribution station at a cost of 233 million rubles. An underwater crossing has already been drilled under the Ob riverbed.

VNG is laying a 13.4-km-long gas pipeline and a condensate separation unit at Verkhne-Kolik-Yoganskoe field to supply more gas to Yugragazpererabotka, says Sergey Karavaev, the general director of Varyoganneftegaz. 495 million rubles has been earmarked for these purposes. “VNG’s oilfields will also receive 3 new slag-paved intrafield roads before the year ends. Production facilities and well pads will be fitted with video surveillance systems,” he adds.


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