TNK BP Invests 15m on Advanced Training

TNK-BP is going to invest up to $15 million in 2012, twice as much as last year, into advance training of 3000 technical specialists, which is nearly a half of its engineering personnel, to improve their competencies.

TNK-BP is implementing a full-scale program of advanced training of engineers for improving the performance of its main streams and functions. The advanced training program includes online courses, experience sharing, and organization of seminars, conferences, and regional training sessions with participation of Russian and foreign experts and specialists. The potential effect of advanced training of the artificial lift personnel and improvement of their competencies after implementation of this program may reach $21 million a year.

“People are one of the main values in our company and the key element of its efficient development. Suffice it to say that the economic effect of higher competencies of our employees after implementation of the energy efficiency program in 2011 amounted to nearly $10 million, which is three times as much as the effect of purchasing expensive energy-saving equipment. Personnel training and development is an integral part of performance improvement of existing assets and successful implementation of new projects,” said Andrey Yanovsky, Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development.


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