TNK-BP Shared Its Experience in Automation of HR Activities with Leading Experts

At the SAP summit of SNG dedicated to management of human resources, TNK-BP reported about successful implementation of a performance improvement program of its Human Resources Division through automation of standard processes.

TNK-BP presented a program for unification of basic human resources management processes to HR specialists and directors. The company has automated the standard human resources management functions and created a unified information field with online display of business processes. Automation of human resources management processes reduces the costs, minimizes the probability of errors, and provides the management with current and updated information for making efficient managerial decisions.

Andrey Yanovsky, Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development, TNK-BP, said: “TNK-BP is always searching for new opportunities and using the latest technologies and solutions for development. We have just accomplished implementation of a program aimed at unification of standard processes. The next step to be completed in the fall of 2012 will be automation of more complex processes, such as social programs, personnel training and development, and performance management.


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