TNK-Nyagan Holds Comprehensive Oil Spill Response Training

For the first time a comprehensive emergency training to contain and clean up an oil spill was held by TNK-Nyagan on July 7. The training was held at Krasnoleninsky central tank farm of the Talinskoye field.

In the course of the exercise field management, executive bodies and response teams trained their skills and interaction; the capability of field management to set tasks was assessed; emergency response, life-saving and hazard management resources were estimated.

According to the emergency training scenario, a leak occurred at one of the oil reservoirs. A part of the tank farm was destroyed as a result of hydrodynamic shock and the oil partially spilled over the area thus creating immediate fire hazard. Thanks to the timely oil spill detection, rapidly brought in necessary resources, and concerted actions of rescue teams and TNK-Nyagan employees the emergency was contained in compliance with comprehensive training regulations.

The training results were assessed by representatives of Russian EMERCOM federal and regional divisions. TNK-Nyagan and involved rescue teams actions received positive evaluation.

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