Varel International and NewTech Services Launch Russia’s Most Advanced Plant

Varel International and NewTech Services announce building completion and launch of their Polycrystalline Diamond (PDC) Drill Bit manufacturing plant located in Kurgan, Russia.  Using the most advanced global technologies and tools this plant will be one of the most modern PDC plants in the world and the most modern in Russia.  The official opening ceremony was held in Kurganon August the 2nd and was attended by the Administration of Kurgan region, representatives of most of Russian oil and gas companies, and leaders of drilling and oilfield services companies.

TheKurganplant is at the heart of the Varel NTS joint venture; focused on manufacturing and servicing  oil and gas drill bits for the Russian CIS market and beyond.  The Varel NTS plant is a state-of-the art PDC manufacturing and service facility, an alliance between Varel’s high technology engineering and manufacturing and the strength of NTS in drilling technology, infrastructure, market knowledge, and customer requirements.

“In this first phase of the venture, Varel has provided support through the transfer of our proven, reputable technology.  The plant’s key personnel  have been trained at our manufacturing facilities inFrance.  In addition to our commitment to establishing the physical manufacturing equipment and technology, we are providing ongoing administrative and technology support,” said Bernard Pontneau, Varel International Vice President of Eastern Hemisphere Operations.  He continued, “We are proud of this new venture; and we are sure that it will become a significant part of our global manufacturing network.”

Mark Sadykhov, President of NewTech Services added, “The initial phase of the two companies’ cooperation is accomplished.  The plant has been built and turned into operational mode.  We now have the opportunity to locally produce effective and reliable tools for the highly competitive drill bit market.  We believe in the long-term success of this enterprise, the results of which will be useful for theKurganregion, and for our customers – consumers of the plant’s production, and for both partners in this joint project.”

Partners in the joint venture, Varel coordinates the manufacturing efforts and provides ongoing administrative and technology support with NTS championing the sales and services enterprise.  The new facility, centrally located to facilitate rapid bit delivery acrossRussia, increases global Varel PDC drill bit production by approximately 20 percent.


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