Weatherford Rapid-Load Stuffing Box

Weatherford’s patented rapid-load stuffing box enables the operator toremove the packing cartridge before attaching the stuffing box to thelubricator, preventing manual-handling issues commonly found withconventional stuffing boxes. This feature allows the wire to run freelythrough the stuffing-box body, eliminating the awkward process of strippingthe wire through the packing stack. Its unique split-packing arrangement enables the stuffing box to be repacked without removing the wire from the packing housing and facilitates a quick and easy redress.

The rapid-load stuffing box has a composite-sheave assembly that works on a three-point, cam-action, locking arrangement.
• Stage 1: running position
• Stage 2: loading/unloading of wire onto the wheel.
• Stage 3: enables removal of the packer cartridge and isolates  the sheave when an independent hay pulley is being used during  fishing operations

Weatherford’s rapid-load stuffing box is used when it is necessary to perform wireline work under pressure. The sheave assembly enables the line to be guided in its travel from the wireline unit into and through the
stuffing-box body. The wireline passes through a packing in the stuffing-box body; the packing nut is then hydraulically activated sufficiently to minimize leakage around the wireline. A blowout ball check valve is situated in the cartridge. If there is a wire failure, the ball automatically seals off the well pressure to the surface.


• Used when necessary to perform wireline work under pressure

Features, Advantages and Benefits

• Weatherford’s rapid-load stuffing box has a cartridge-packing unit for fast redress, minimizing manual-handling issues when making up stuffing box.
• A patented three-point, cam-action locking system provides ease of loading wire on and off the wheel and removal of packing cartridge. Ball check valve seals off well pressure during wire failure.
• The rapid-load stuffing box has an injection port for glycol and corrosion inhibitors.
• A composite wheel reduces overall weight and increases the life of the wire.
• A sealed wheel bearing reduces maintenance.


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