Weatherford WSMS/7X Wellsite Management System

WSMS/7X Wellsite Management System mPOD™ Model Gauge Surface Instrument

Weatherford’s WSMS/7X wellsite management system is designed to optimize production-control assets and artificial-lift equipment based on ever-changing well conditions. Built-in applications minimize reconfiguration requirements, primarily for multiple-well configurations when used in conjunction with the mPOD model gauge.The WSMS/7X system logs and monitors downhole pressure and temperature signals, and interfaces thosesignals to artificial-lift controllers to enhance the operation of the system. The WSMS can also be commissioned stand-alone to support one or multiple wells. The ability to log additional input variables of the system (20 channels capable of 8,400 logging records per channel) is available. Field-equipment data monitoring, logging, and reporting is provided in real time. Connectivity to client host systems for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) interface is standard.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

• Modular and scalable distributed control system adapts to varying applications for increased efficiency.
• Built-in gas flow, data logging, proportional integral derivative (PID) loops, and accumulator applications provide multifunction capabilities for efficient operation.
• Modbus®-compatible host enables open-type architecture to standard automation systems for comprehensive connectivity and remote monitoring of individual and grouped wells.


• Multiple well configurations
• Multichannel data logging


• Modular I/O expansion capability to monitor additional sensors and additional field equipment/signals



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