WesternGeco Announces UniQ System Sales Division

Successful high-capacity technology now available to service and energy companies worldwide.

WesternGeco today announced the formation of a new division to sell and lease its revolutionary UniQ* point-receiver land acquisition and processing system to other industry players. The move will make the industry-leading UniQ system generally available to all service companies as well as to energy companies that maintain their own crews.

UniQ technology offers drastically better seismic imaging through better noise handling and resolution. The UniQ platform is designed as an open-architecture system with a proven capacity in excess of 200,000 channels and forms an auto-correcting, fault-tolerant layout that maximizes uptime and therefore reduces overall survey duration. Average downtime on one recent high channel count project was 1.7%. UniQ technology offers continuous recording and is 100% compatible with all multiple source techniques. Productivity on one current project has averaged more than 20,000 vibrator points per day.

“The move was prompted by the desire to combine WesternGeco UniQ leadership with the logistical capability of service and energy company crews around the world to provide the market with a wider choice of both technology and supplier.” said Carl Trowell, president, WesternGeco. “UniQ technology is more than an acquisition system and we will also be making all of the spread design, data management and single-sensor noise reduction and signal enhancement software available. This is the result of over a decade’s worth of experience of high-end single-sensor land technology development.” he added.

With industry adoption of high-capacity point-receiver seismic technology accelerating, open availability of the UniQ system is expected to lead to further growth. WesternGeco sees increasing demand for the technology and will continue to offer the UniQ service as part of its land seismic offering.

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